Spoil Me/Gifts....

You can always offer your affections through gifts and money. My eyes light up when I open my mail box to gift packages, when I get notifications of gift cards, and of money in my Paypal and Google Wallet accounts.

Here are some easy ways to spoil me and make me happy:

Send Me Money:

The best way to send me money is to:

(1) Send me any amount of money via PAYPAL; OR

(2) Set up a GOOGLE WALLET account. It's very simple. All you need to know is my email address (lilvanessababy@gmail.com) and you can send me however much you desire. I promise to spend it all immediately. I'll let you know what I spend it on and send you pictures (upon request). 

(3) CASHAPP: $missvanessahilton

Links to Gifts I Adore

Starbucks (send to lilvanessababy@gmail.com)

Amazon Wishlist (Gifts are shipped directly to me via Amazon upon purchase)

Victoria's Secret E-Gift Card (lilvanessababy@gmail.com)

Bebe E-Gift Card (lilvanessababy@gmail.com)

Ulta E-Gift Card (lilvanessababy@gmail.com)

Jared's E-Gift Card (lilvanessababy@gmail.com)