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Posted: May, 2018 by “Thomas”

Vanessa is hot n sweet,and one of the friendliest lady I ever met. She will make anyone satisfied when done and never rushed she even wondered why I left so soon!


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Posted: March, 2018 by THATGSUGUY

Vanessa is a gift to this world. Super laid back. A great conversationalist. Smart and well versed. She has a way of putting you at ease. Definitely going back! It started with a coconut oil full body massage.


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Posted: January, 2018 by TARGETACQUIRED

Texted Vanessa asking if she would be available in a few days when I’d be driving through Tallahassee. She said of course and appreciated me calling ahead. She asks some neat questions to find out how she can be as accommodating as possible and to make my experience the best she can. During our dialogue, she found out I had a hidden affinity for a sub ornate at work. “Ever role played” she asked. I said no but was up for anything. Boom, from that moment on all texts and at our meeting, she was that person. Had a blast.


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Posted: December, 2017 by RFRONZONI

Been meaning to try this gal. Not a lot of options in Tally. I am super happy I did and will repeat!


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Posted: November, 2017 by PREMATUREINFL

I have seen her twice now and both times were great. She is an amazing actress with a great mind and sexy personality. Highly recommend.


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Posted: November, 2017 by RONIN76

I reached out to Ms. Hilton via email with the necessary info to be verified. I received a response the next morning and the date was scheduled. Ms. Hilton sent another email asking my likes and dislike as well as what I was looking for. I explained to her that I had a fantasy about being seduced by my sexy boss. From the moment I arrived at her place she exceeded my expectation. I will repeat. Good times. 


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Posted: October, 2017 by ITALIANPOKER

I have seen Ms. Hilton many times and she just keeps getting better and better. If you haven't seen Ms. Hilton, you haven't lived yet.


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Posted: October, 2017 by GENTLEMANDON

I have seen Vanessa before and it was such a great experience that I was really looking forward to seeing her again. I was spending time at my second home on the Florida panhandle and I texted to check her availability. We made a date for a rendezvous at her place in Tallahassee on my return trip to Atlanta. I stopped along the way and picked up a bottle of Patron and some lemonade, her favorite drink. As I arrived at her place I received a text saying “come on in.” The door was cracked open and I just walked right in. She met me wearing nothing but a black thong and a very brief halter top. Holy crap, I had forgotten just how much her body turns me on. She is petite with great curves, small perky tits and an ass to die for. She gave me a light kiss and led me directly to the romp room. I was walking behind her watching that pretty ass swing from side to side. I was filled with anticipation resulting from memories of our previous encounter.


The Erotic Review

Posted: October, 2017 by O2B17AGAIN

She’s a petite thing with a slender tight body, lovely soft tanned skin. Vanessa will absolutely charm you with her dynamic personality, lovely blue eyes, and her captivating smile.