Public Consultation Dinner (Your Treat) - 100 kisses plus dinner expenses

Hour - 240 kisses (Tallahassee Existing Clients Only)

90Min  - 300 kisses

2Hrs - 400 kisses

3Hrs - 600 kisses

4Hrs - 800 kisses)

8Hrs Overnight Rendevouz - 1200 kisses

Cuddling Only/Platonic & Friendship Only Dates: 80 kisses/hour - contact me for multi hour arrangements.

ANYWHERE IN FLORIDA (Per request, outside of travel calendar) Contact me to arrange.

FLY-ME-TO-YOU - Cover my flight/travel and let me know how much time we are spending together...


I love a well-planned "get-together". I also have a multitude of business and recreational interests and fill up my schedule with various activities quickly. Therefore, PLEASE schedule at least 24 hours in advance. The more in advance, the better.

If you are interested in a travel companion or would be interested in me coming to a city not on my calendar, please contact me for further instructions and planning. 

If this is your first time visiting with me, please choose two reference options below & contact me via email (lilvanessababy@gmail.com). 


No explicit talk, EVER. Just send me an email and follow my lead.

I try not to make my screening too menacing and provide many options. You can choose TWO of the following or if you have other ideas from which I can gather you are a good person to see, feel free to make a suggestion.

**Reference from other reputable provider you've seen;
**Photo of your Driver's License and a selfie of you that matches the Driver's License photo;
**Board handles with which you have posted reviews or received referrals/validation/okays on (ECCIE reviews, P411 "okays" etc) which you can also send me a message from to verify it belongs to you;
**Employment information, paystub, employment website noting you as an employee or an email from your employment email address;
**Valid LinkedIn profile from which you can send me a message to verify it belongs to you;
**Valid "active" Facebook from which you can send me a message to verify it belongs to you with lots of activity, friends and some type of social media history;
**Valid college student email or profile.

Donation must be in a blank envelope or gift bag in clear view upon my arrival or placed on my dresser upon your arrival at my safe & clean incall location. All credit card transactions will be handled at my location once you arrive or vice versa. I have a swiper and can provide you with a discreet, unmarked receipt via email. Credit card statements will reflect a charge entitled "LLC Administrative Services".