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My name is Miss Vanessa Hilton, a native Floridian (born & raised). Hospitality is my fortay and catering to you comes naturally to me. I am polite and beyond well mannered (unless you require the opposite). I take great care of myself, eat a strict diet and am obsessed with fitness & exercise. With regards to my physical characteristics, I am petite (standing 5 foot tall and weighing 125 lbs) with curvy hips, perky B's and a small waist. I wear a size 6 shoe. My hair is naturally curly and dark but most of the time I iron it out straight depending on my mood. My eyes are blueish-grey and lips - full and soft. 

I've always been very open-minded and enjoy playing all roles. I prefer the company of mature, distinguished gentlemen at the ages of 40 or older, but if your maturity reaches beyond your years, feel free to contact me.

Leave your insecurities behind as well as worries about your age or appearance. My goal is to open your mind in a safe environment and to have you dreaming about me immediately after our time together. 

...Sensual Paramour & Confidante

I'm the absolute best lady friend.. I'm nurturing, kind, will remember all of our conversations, melt away your anxiety, and am never ashamed of my mushy, intense romantic side. I seek to nurture and care for your every need enthusiastically. I enjoy snuggling and hugging more than the average lady and find contentment in the simple things. You will always be impressed with my dialogue and company as I am a fluid conversationalist as well as intelligent & well-traveled. Great conversation, eye contact and a genuine connection are key. If you are the shy type or have low self esteem, let me bless you with my presence and boost your confidence. Cheers to a lovely time together! 


Whether you'd like to get away for 24 hours or for a week, let me plan and put together a romantic getaway that's detail oriented and itinerary driven with plenty of down time in between... 

...Uniforms (Pantyhose, Lingerie, Costumes, etc.) & Role Play

I love to create elaborate scripts & play them out accordingly. I can play any role, regardless of taboo. I take no offense.

If you have any ideas for role play, I'd love to hear them or I'll make up my own. 

…Shopping Trips

Take me shopping/dress me up.

...Cross Dressing/Sissy Training Sessions

Are you a man who indulges in his feminine side or has an interest in wearing lingerie, makeup, or being treated “like a lady”? Tell me again what your new, slutty, bimbo name is and put on these red silky Victoria Secret panties. Get that frilly dress on. Pucker up those lips for this lip gloss. Now let me have my way with you…

"Females don't have the terrible burden of maintaining masculinity at all times. we are freer to move in and out of sex roles. We are allowed to be afraid, sad, protected, dependent, and spoiled in ways that little boys are never permitted. We have a wider range of expression and emotion, even before we become good Feminists and full human beings. Is it any wonder that sensitive, intelligent little boys should envy us that freedom and range?" - The Mistress Manual by Mistress Lorelei

…Tease & Denial

A build up of desperation…








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