A Little Bit About Me & My Many Sides/Personalities...

My name is Miss Vanessa Hilton, a native Floridian (born & raised). I take great care of myself, eat a strict diet and am obsessed with fitness & exercise. With regards to my physical characteristics, I am petite (standing 5 foot tall and weighing 125 lbs) with curvy hips, perky B's and a small waist. I wear a size 6 shoe. My hair is naturally curly and dark but most of the time I iron it out straight depending on my mood. My eyes are blueish-grey and lips - full and soft. 

I can guarantee I do that thing you like; whatever "that thing" may be. I've always been very open-minded and enjoy playing all roles. I prefer the company of mature, distinguished gentlemen at the ages of 40 or older, but if your maturity reaches beyond your years, feel free to contact me.

Leave your insecurities behind as well as worries about your age or appearance. The more satisfied you are, the more pleased I am. My goal is to open your mind in a safe environment and to have you dreaming about me immediately after our time together. I'm open to hearing about any idea or fantasy you desire so don't be shy.

I invite you to visit my Tumblr Blog here to get a glimpse into my multifaceted dirty mind. (((All of the the material posted on my Tumblr page is for entertainment purposes only and are kinks I am interested in during my own personal time.)))

Let me know which Vanessa you would like to meet - Vanessa the Girlfriend, Actress or Goddess...

Vanessa the Girlfriend (Girl Next Door/Sweetheart)

I'm the absolute best girlfriend! I'm nurturing, kind, will remember all of our conversations, melt away your anxiety, and am never ashamed of my mushy, intense romantic side. I seek to nurture and care for your every need enthusiastically. I enjoy snuggling and hugging more than the average lady and find contentment in the simple things. You will always be impressed with my dialogue and company as I am a fluid conversationalist as well as intelligent & well-traveled. Great conversation, eye contact and a genuine connection are key. If you are the shy type or have low self esteem, let me bless you with my presence and boost your confidence. Cheers to a lovely time together! 

Vanessa the Actress (Uniforms & Role Play)

I love to create elaborate scripts & play them out accordingly. 

If you have any ideas for role play, I'd love to hear them or I'll make up my own. 

Vanessa the Goddess (BDSM/Mistress/Kink/Worship)

When you are ready for me to transform into a deity, who can intimidate you mercilessly, I can definitely tackle that task. As your Goddess, making you drop your gaze or even drop to your knees is not a problem. You will respect, worship and adore me as I am kind and nurturing yet I establish rules, enforce them and punish any transgressions. 

Erotic Humiliation/Cuckold...

Verbal Humiliation, Mockery, Teasing, on an array of subjects (whatever your weakness). Give me information about you so I can ridicule every decision you've ever made. Stand there while I look at you and laugh and belittle your pathetic body. Cry as I tell you about a date I went on with a "real man" who could actually please me. Listen to stories about me and other lovers that you can't compete with or compare to.

Cross Dressing/Sissy Training...

I can't believe I caught you wearing my panties! Let me dress you up, put makeup on you, and give you a slutty bimbo name ...

"Females don't have the terrible burden of maintaining masculinity at all times. we are freer to move in and out of sex roles. We are allowed to be afraid, sad, protected, dependent, and spoiled in ways that little boys are never permitted. We have a wider range of expression and emotion, even before we become good Feminists and full human beings. Is it any wonder that sensitive, intelligent little boys should envy us that freedom and range?" - The Mistress Manual by Mistress Lorelei

Cage/Tease & Denial...

Get in my human cage. I could simply command you stay in one place and watch me as I dance around in front of you while not allowing you to touch me. Wouldn't you love to though? But you can't. Watch me while I talk dirty to you and deprive you of what you want most: mental orgasms galore while being denied access to my affections.

Paypig/Findomme/Total Brat...

Self explanatory... Take me shopping, spend money on me, buy me shoes, pay for my manicures, pedicures, galore. 

Cash Drop... 

Come to my house, get on your knees, give me all your cash, and get the fuck out.